house.JPG * Gourmet Roasted Type
 Leipziger- European Roast WBean 15.88 oz $16.65
 Assum - Latin Roast WBean 15 oz $15.65
 Decaff Espresso WBean 10.58oz $13.50
 Decaf Espresso Ground 10.58oz $13.50
 House Roast Gnd 15.88oz $16.65
 House Roast Gnd 11.12oz $11.87
 House Roast WB 15.88oz $16.65
 House Roast WB 11.12oz $11.87
 De Le Havre - French Roast WBean 13.23oz $15.65
 De Le Havre - French Ground 14.11oz 375g $15.65
 De Turino - Italian Roast WBean 14.11oz $15.65
 De Turino - Italian Ground 14.81oz 400g $15.65
 Decaff Roast Ground 10.58oz $13.50
 Decaff Roast WBean 10.58oz $13.50

Roast Degree creates and presents the nuances of a coffee. You may choose from the different Roast Profiles we carry from the lighter to the darkest following the rule above. Taste varies from smooth, bright, marked aroma and high resolution to heavy, spicy, rich and intense sensations.